librarian without a library

LJ II, Electric Boogaloo: This Time, It's Personal

Bookbabe1999 is an academic librarian by training, and a pop culture geek by association.

Her popular culture interests include the Buffyverse, fan culture, graphic novels, and popular magazines. She reads "Entertainment Weekly" cover to cover on a weekly basis. She Tivos "The Simpsons," "Pushing Daisies," and "The Daily Show," and has half a season of "One Tree Hill" taking up space -- but she doesn't want to delete it.

She loves white russians made with Bailey's, Dunkin' Donuts coffee, and gluten-free beer. She has discovered the world's best tri-tip at a local BBQ place. She adores her husband and 2 crazy sons, even when they leave too many dirty socks on the floor.

Bookbabe1999 is an unabashed bibliophile, a reader of romance novels, and a cynical optimist.