happy f**kin' birthday!

so, sunday was my birthday. i was rather dreading this birthday, for some reason (i am now in a different demographic group, yay), so was less than amused about the whole thing. i felt like i really didn't want to bother anyone with my birthday, including myself, so i was rather noncommittal about wanting to actually celebrate it.

my mom was already scheduled to fly in to celebrate it with me. she wasn't aware of my reluctance to add another year -- this is the only reason i can think of that she thought it was okay to say to me, five minutes into her visit, the following statement:

"did you realize that in ten years you'll be reaching menopause?"


"excuse me?" i stuttered.

"yeah, in ten years you will be hitting peri-menopause."

am i supposed to say "yay" to this?

i ended up replying, "yeah, well, you'll be turning 60 soon."

really, what can you say?

apparently, my reluctance to be excited to age didn't faze her, since she also tried telling me what was great about getting older. but, since she really can't maintain a glass-half-full state of being for very long, she ended up talking about how your body hurts a lot more when you get older. since i haven't had enough medications and physical therapy in my life, i am so looking forward to being a decrepit wrinkled raisin in a wheelchair.

but, hey, at least i made myself some yummy cake, and the husband grilled nice steaks.
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ba dum bum

here is what we talk about in our house...

(while watching the episode of teen titans where raven is turned into a bunny by mumbo)
spouse (listening closely to the rag-time style song that mumbo is singing): what would you call this kind of music?
me: expositional?

sometimes i feel like a gilmore girl...
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what is the deal with elvis?

i have never been big on elvis. i recognize his impact upon popular music (repackaging black music for the white masses, etc.), but my first impression of him, one that i've never gotten over, is that of a fat guy with greasy hair in a skanky white sequined jumper that did nothing for his figure.

so imagine my surprise when i discover that my elder son thinks music begins and ends with elvis. i was trying to educate him on the blues one evening (we were having dinner on the terrace of brennan's jazz kitchen in downtown disney, and a blues guitar player was jamming on the main walkway), saying it was the basis of all popular music. he replied, "like elvis?" so i had to backtrack and explain where elvis fit in, and used the tree metaphor to explain that blues is the trunk of pop music, and how old it is. and he kept bringing up elvis!

i finally asked, "so, where did you get all these ideas about elvis?" (i was mentally blaming "lilo and stitch.") the boy replies, "from the muppets fairy tale, with the elves and the shoemaker." apparently the elvii made an impression on him. who knew?

maybe i'm a hypocrite -- after all, i am a huge beatles fan, and they idolized elvis and, in the beginning, tried to do some of what he did. but i think the beatles progressed further musically than elvis did, who, in my mind, has more of a place in pop culture history as an icon rather than as a musician. but that's me...

anyway, my new goal is to lay out the history of twentieth century popular music for him, and put things in perspective. at least the boy recognizes a good beat when he hears it, and is trying to dance the robot and do the pop-and-lock...

stuck in my head!

i can't take credit for this (it's the spouse's fault)...

"chocolate brains/
zombies eat while others feel the pain."  (copyright and TM mrtomsmith, who is so right, this is an obvious parody)

i found out that the only thing that will displace this in my head is "bananaphone" (this was discovered when the elder child put a banana up to his ear and said something along the lines of "ring ring ring, anyone there?" to which the spouse replied appropriately).


all this on the first day of first grade (he's in a combined 1st/2nd grade classroom). this is going to be a long year...
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i don't dance, indeed...

OMG the baseball scene of High School Musical 2 had all the subtext I had thought would be in my ideal sequel, just between the wrong people (i thought ryan and the cooking bball player would end up together, not ryan and chad, but hey, it works).
darkluna was totally right...
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friday at comic con?

computer only now started working again, so i am late on this...

anyway griffin and i will try to get to san diego friday. e-mail me if you wanna hook up (or call me). i only have a few numbers, fauxmiddlechild and melora98. and they've probably left. oh, well... 
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someone needs to write this fic for me

harry potter.

mary poppins.

why not a fic with a magical british nanny school? "yer a nanny, mary." "wee potty poppins!"

can't  you just imagine snape singing "just a spoonful of sugar?"

so, who is up for the challenge?
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yada yada yada

the saying "there is no crying in baseball" does not apply to 4- and 5-year-olds playing t-ball. one darling almost cried because he was told to play first base, and he didn't know where that was, and another young'un bawled to his daddy (the assistant coach) that he didn't want to play, despite daddy explaining, "but this is what t-ball is about! you said you wanted to play..."

apparently i am so tired that last night, i said, "i'm tired of him nipping off my ripples." those sharp little fingernails hurt like hades. it's much better when he thinks he is licking a lollipop or sniffing a wine cork.

today is the 4th. i am declaring my independence from my job, to take time to evaluate what to do with my life. i don't think it is in my lifeplan to drive a mini-van with the license plate holder "mom's taxi," however.

current reading: the "buffy" comic, "the birth of venus" by sarah dunant, "oddly normal" by otis frampton, and the latest johanna lindsey.

don't tell anyone, but the number 1 son loves dancing to justin timberlake's first album. he also grooves interestingly to edie brickell.

if i owe you a thank-you note, i apologize for the delay...

babies with colds suck ass, with the crying and the snorting and the not eating and the crying and the tearing at the mommy-skin...

mmm, mojitos.
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a quick peek in

  • the baby is now in the pudgy-arms-and-legs stage, and has tasty toes. he sleeps pretty well at night, and i get the feeling that he is cursing like a trucker when he bellows for something. the eyes are still blue.
  • i've resigned from my position, and will be staying home with the young'un for the next few months.
  • not on the web much -- too dang busy with baby and the boy (who is on summer break).
  • LA news is amusing lately, what with Paris and all.
  • i am now addicted to top chef (season one rules, and i am now watching season three -- poor southern boy).
  • maybe more later, when a baby is not bellowing for food...
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