bookbabe1999 (bookbabe1999) wrote,

Morton Salt...

.... or, when it rains, it pours.
  • Got a letter from one of the jobs I applied for; they have filled the position.
  • Got a letter from the school district; the PTB have decided that our son is not gifted. Of course, they also decided to keep his crappy teacher and pink-slip the amazing one he had in kindergarten, and feel that kids learning about Africa as if it were one huge walking stereotype is okay.
  • Saw a GI doctor today -- I get an EGD on Tuesday, and am currently taking Carafate. He is going to check to see if I have celiac, so I have to eat gluten (and get the resulting migraine) from now until Monday night.
  • Work wants me to help them with their website. But they have yet to give me a contract saying I will get paid for the work. Yeah...
At least I have an excuse to eat bread and drink raspberry lambic for a few days...
Tags: egd, health, jobs, school, stupid people
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