bookbabe1999 (bookbabe1999) wrote,

Things I have been wondering lately

  • Does Led Zepplin count as buttrock?
  • Does extended breast-feeding turn boys into breast-men?
  • Does Fruity Pebbles contain heroin? Because I eat it like a junkie...
  • Do those tanned-leather women with fake boobs and garish highlights and overdone lips really think they are attractive?
  • Why do people ride their brakes while going downhill?
  • Why is the "help" that Twitter sends you via text so utterly useless?
  • How long can I continue to tell the annoying telemarketers who try to get me to donate to their firefighters or sheriffs or police organizations that I work too few hours to even think of giving them money, when I try to save money by eating cereal for dinner?
  • Why do I need a Masters' degree to tell people where the restrooms are and to unjam printers?
  • What makes people think I know where their tutor/study group/instructor/babydaddy is?
  • Is it possible to OD on Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?
  • Is lap-band surgery a viable option?
  • Why does D always try to talk to me when I am on the phone?
  • Why does G always want to nurse?
  • Why are there so many songs about rainbows? (And what's on the other side?)
Tags: pondering
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