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The bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping, and I have post-nasal drip

Yo, homies. </jivetalk>

Spring is here, and I find that things are vaguely better around here. (As I am fond of saying, when people ask me how I am doing on the antidepressant, "Hey, at least I'm not curled up in a corner crying.")

Spring is probably the best season in SoCal, at least by my standards. It's an actual spring, with flowers blooming and the occasional shower. The fruit trees in our backyard are blooming, and the jacarandas are getting ready to burst forth in purple. I walked by some jasmine yesterday, and you could tell that it was almost time to bloom. One day, I drove G to childcare, and it was so warm that we rolled down the window. You could smell the eucalyptus trees and the freshly plowed fields and the damp sod.

I found another posting for a job in the area, so I applied for it yesterday. I have a phone interview coming up for another position. And I found out recently that, since my work hours were reduced, I can apply for unemployment (yay!). I will do that in the beginning of April, to get maximum coverage. And my mom has offered to take over paying for D's educational therapy, so he won't suffer too much from this.

Some libraries have recession websites set up, with information on Depression-era cooking and home-canning. A few: I bet there is a cottage industry just waiting to boom; maybe I should look into selling barrel-sized attire.

D is in a play that the 2nd graders are putting on -- he plays Baby Bear. He wants me at all three of his performances, so I will oblige. Spouse will be in Australia for work, so will miss it, sadly. Good thing we have a video camera.

I just took gluten-free challah out of the oven. My last purchase from the specialty gluten-free store until things improve financially.
Tags: depression, gluten-free, recession, update
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