bookbabe1999 (bookbabe1999) wrote,

Reference Questions: A Sampling

On the phone....
Patron: "Hi, I have a question about a four-letter word..."
Me: (bracing for heavy breathing, dirty language, etc.): "Certainly, sir, what word is it?"
Patron: "It's 'bags.' "
Me: "B as in boy?"
Patron: "Yes, ma'am. I wanted to know if this was a common four-letter word."
Me: "..."
Patron: "You see, I am doing a puzzle where I have to find four-letter words. I came up with 'bags,' but I'm not sure if it is a four-letter word, or a plural of a word. I tried looking it up, but it's not in the Merriam Webster Dictionary."
Me: "Well, sir, I think it is just a three-letter word, made plural with the 's'."
Patron: "Oh, okay, thanks."
In person....
Patron: "Where are the librarians?"
Me: (holding my arms out in a "Here I am" position)
Patron: "No, I mean the ones behind the desk." (Pointing to the Circulation Desk)
Me: (not pointing out that I am the only librarian in the building today) "She's in her office. Just go up to the desk, and she will come out."
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