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Star Wars Scholarship...

From a listserv I am on (I've added the hyperlinks):

"We're looking for one or two participants to round out a potential Star Wars themed panel for the 2009 PCA/ACA national conference. We presently have two panels/papers. One paper explores the notion of the Jedi Knights, as presented in the on-going Clone Wars animated series, via the superhero genre. The other paper explores the way in which a fictional character, namely Obi-wan Kenobi, contributes to the
rhetorical constitution of the postmodern self. Any and all approaches to an exploration of the Star Wars universe are welcome.

If interested, please send a title, 100-250 word abstract, and pertinent contact information.

Derek R. Sweet, Ph.D.
Luther College


So, if any of you are interested, I encourage you to get involved. I have presented papers at the Midwest PCA/ACA, and found the experience to be amazing. Pop culture scholars come from all areas: so far, I've met a librarian from the Library of Congress, a Dean of Faculty of a community college, editors of prestigious peer-reviewed popular culture journals, focused independent scholars, and amazingly intelligent grad students. Presenting a paper here does not reduce you to tears (as I have heard that presenting at MLA does) -- your fellow scholars are interested in your scholarship and want to help you in developing your research -- they are not there just to prove how scholarly they are, or see how many times they can use "post-modern" in a sentence.

So, hop to!

Tags: pop culture scholarship, star wars
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