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choo choo!

A train of thought I had this morning...
  • my eyesight is blurry; there must be gunk in my eye
  • <goes to mirror to peek> hunh, don't see anything
  • I wonder what the symptoms are of that low-tension glaucoma that mom has
  • I wonder if I have glaucoma -- how would I know?
  • I should research this
  • Wait, maybe I can ask Rita, she works with medical-type people
  • <sings> "Lovely Rita, meter maid..."
  • Man, I bet she gets sick and tired of hearing that
  • Was there a Rita in Across the Universe?
All this in about 4 seconds.

And I wonder why D asks such strange questions at bedtime. At least I wasn't riding Hannelore's train.

Tags: train of thought
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