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how doth the little crocodile improve his shining tail...

hey, i'm back. i am working part-time in a library for a local community college, so i get some intarwebs time now. yay!

the childerns are well -- the baby is slowly adjusting to childcare, and will eventually take his afternoon nap there. the older boy is in second grade now, and last night was asking to take courses in woodshop (i am tempted to steer him towards hip-hop dance instead, since he has expressed an interest, and he loves watching "america's best dance crew").

i am abnormally excited about football season starting up again -- i blame my parents for raising me in a rabid broncos household (although nowadays i root for da bears).

i like the environment at the college -- the students seem to be really interested in being here, and want to learn. it is the most diverse atmosphere i have experienced since moving to california. interestingly enough, two of the other librarians used to work where i used to work -- one of these days, i'll have to get gossip from them. the staff seem to be happy that i am here -- apparently, the fact that i make eye contact with patrons and smile at them is noteworthy.

like many other women, i am both amused and appalled at john mccain's vp choice. i see it as a cynical move to get the PUMA hillary supporters, and i think it is going to bite him in the butt. joe biden will probably provide some good soundbites.

cool to see my friend dan guy at the reins of neil gaiman's blog.  :)

hey, my birthday is at the end of the month -- what should i wish for?
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