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i'm back, kinda

happy new year (almost a month late, naturally)! i hope you are well...

* the boys are flourishing; the little one is crawling, climbing the stars, and saying "guh" a lot (he's just turned 8 months). the big one loves his little brother, and tries to teach him things, like how to scare mommy by going down the stairs face-first.

* our neighborhood school is one of 8 on a list of schools to maybe close (they will close 2); the mommies are worried that if we get shifted to another neighborhood school, they will have to attend PTA meetings where people are speaking spanish (horrors!).

* is it coincidence that the four kids who are seeing the reading specialist in the older boy's class are 1) boys, and 2) either of color (yes. mine is one of them) or have a single mother who works and isn't well-off? am i just reading into things (i happen to like the teacher, so i am conflicted).

* saw the GOP debate last night, and wanted to yell, "Reagan is dead, get over it!" interestingly enough, the traffic near our house didn't seem to be affected (we live 10 minutes from the Ronald Reagan Library). ron paul and huckabee were intriguing, and while i wouldn't vote for them, they seemed more sincere and had better ideas than the other two.

* ah, los angeles, where the leading news story is not about the upcoming super tuesday primaries, the debates, or the fact that so many candidates are in town, but rather the fact that brit-brit has been hospitalized again.

* how do you know it is winter in LA? the girls wear uggs instead of flip-flops with their miniskirts.
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