October 29th, 2009


Let me 'splain -- no, there is too much to 'splain, let me sum up...

You're right, I haven't posted here much lately. What do you need to know?

Spouse has a new job, making games for The Mouse. He likes it, but he has long hours, which kinda sucks. We get discounts on Mouse-related products, and free passes to parks, which is pretty cool. His hair is very long now, much longer than mine.

I am still at the part-time job at the community college. I would like full-time work, but I appreciate how much my students at work rely on me -- that is no small thing. I relish the papers and thank-you notes and kudos from instructors. I am not particularly healthy, but I am trying to do some things proactively, like join a gym and monitor my blood pressure and eat low-GI foods and watch the sodium and caffeine. But this no alcohol thing for a month (to check on my liver) is really pissing me off. And I am out of Zoloft, and can't get any more for a while.  :p

D is at a new school, a magnet school in town, focusing on science. He really likes it -- before, I would ask him about his day, and he would say that he had two recesses. Now, he talks about making cool K'nex machines, and playing with the gecko in childcare, and studying the rats in the classroom, and energy-mass conversion. I like the parents there -- it is a chosen community, and many of the people I have met I seem to have more in common with. D will be Ringo Starr for Halloween; we play The Beatles Rock Band at home a lot, and he is totally hooked on the Fab Four.

G is flourishing, big and blond and blue-eyed. Very chatty and funny and loving, but he can get very stern when he wants to be, especially with D ("No, bubber, Mommy do it!"). I have decided he will be Harpo Marx for Halloween, which I recently discovered means nothing to 5th graders (what do they teach these kids? It's like the 4-year-old I met who had never heard of the Muppet Show).

I am on Facebook a lot, if you want to find me -- let me know if you need my URL.

Hope you all are well!
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