Let me 'splain -- no, there is too much to 'splain, let me sum up...

You're right, I haven't posted here much lately. What do you need to know?

Spouse has a new job, making games for The Mouse. He likes it, but he has long hours, which kinda sucks. We get discounts on Mouse-related products, and free passes to parks, which is pretty cool. His hair is very long now, much longer than mine.

I am still at the part-time job at the community college. I would like full-time work, but I appreciate how much my students at work rely on me -- that is no small thing. I relish the papers and thank-you notes and kudos from instructors. I am not particularly healthy, but I am trying to do some things proactively, like join a gym and monitor my blood pressure and eat low-GI foods and watch the sodium and caffeine. But this no alcohol thing for a month (to check on my liver) is really pissing me off. And I am out of Zoloft, and can't get any more for a while.  :p

D is at a new school, a magnet school in town, focusing on science. He really likes it -- before, I would ask him about his day, and he would say that he had two recesses. Now, he talks about making cool K'nex machines, and playing with the gecko in childcare, and studying the rats in the classroom, and energy-mass conversion. I like the parents there -- it is a chosen community, and many of the people I have met I seem to have more in common with. D will be Ringo Starr for Halloween; we play The Beatles Rock Band at home a lot, and he is totally hooked on the Fab Four.

G is flourishing, big and blond and blue-eyed. Very chatty and funny and loving, but he can get very stern when he wants to be, especially with D ("No, bubber, Mommy do it!"). I have decided he will be Harpo Marx for Halloween, which I recently discovered means nothing to 5th graders (what do they teach these kids? It's like the 4-year-old I met who had never heard of the Muppet Show).

I am on Facebook a lot, if you want to find me -- let me know if you need my URL.

Hope you all are well!
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Just a note...

I am at ALA this weekend. If you need to find me, you probably know how...

I have to go find coffee now.
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* Is there a "gay aesthetic" or a "gay sensibility" -- and can these be quantified in any way? Are there straight or bi sensibilities?

* Am I old for remembering when trading card games first hit the scene?

* Am I a bad mama for thinking it is okay for my kids to play in the backyard with minimal supervision? And for drinking while I do so?

* I am addicted to carbohydrates -- now what?

* Why do I look younger than Angelina Jolie, when I am older than she is?

* Will Pixar ever win a Best Picture Oscar?

* How quickly can I get a dress hemmed for a job interview?

* Why is laundry an eternal struggle?
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Morton Salt...

.... or, when it rains, it pours.
  • Got a letter from one of the jobs I applied for; they have filled the position.
  • Got a letter from the school district; the PTB have decided that our son is not gifted. Of course, they also decided to keep his crappy teacher and pink-slip the amazing one he had in kindergarten, and feel that kids learning about Africa as if it were one huge walking stereotype is okay.
  • Saw a GI doctor today -- I get an EGD on Tuesday, and am currently taking Carafate. He is going to check to see if I have celiac, so I have to eat gluten (and get the resulting migraine) from now until Monday night.
  • Work wants me to help them with their website. But they have yet to give me a contract saying I will get paid for the work. Yeah...
At least I have an excuse to eat bread and drink raspberry lambic for a few days...

Things I have been wondering lately

  • Does Led Zepplin count as buttrock?
  • Does extended breast-feeding turn boys into breast-men?
  • Does Fruity Pebbles contain heroin? Because I eat it like a junkie...
  • Do those tanned-leather women with fake boobs and garish highlights and overdone lips really think they are attractive?
  • Why do people ride their brakes while going downhill?
  • Why is the "help" that Twitter sends you via text so utterly useless?
  • How long can I continue to tell the annoying telemarketers who try to get me to donate to their firefighters or sheriffs or police organizations that I work too few hours to even think of giving them money, when I try to save money by eating cereal for dinner?
  • Why do I need a Masters' degree to tell people where the restrooms are and to unjam printers?
  • What makes people think I know where their tutor/study group/instructor/babydaddy is?
  • Is it possible to OD on Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?
  • Is lap-band surgery a viable option?
  • Why does D always try to talk to me when I am on the phone?
  • Why does G always want to nurse?
  • Why are there so many songs about rainbows? (And what's on the other side?)

How I Know I Live in an Alternate Universe

The LA Times had, in its Home section on 21 March, a few helpful articles:Meanwhile, I wear my hair in pigtails or up in a twist most of the time, because I use less hair product that when I wear my hair down. By using half the hair product each day, I can stretch out my bottle of curl cream.

Now, excuse me while I go dye white t-shirts brown for my son's school play (just a little over $12 for two t's, two packages of dye, and a candy bar for D and myself).

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The bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping, and I have post-nasal drip

Yo, homies. </jivetalk>

Spring is here, and I find that things are vaguely better around here. (As I am fond of saying, when people ask me how I am doing on the antidepressant, "Hey, at least I'm not curled up in a corner crying.")

Spring is probably the best season in SoCal, at least by my standards. It's an actual spring, with flowers blooming and the occasional shower. The fruit trees in our backyard are blooming, and the jacarandas are getting ready to burst forth in purple. I walked by some jasmine yesterday, and you could tell that it was almost time to bloom. One day, I drove G to childcare, and it was so warm that we rolled down the window. You could smell the eucalyptus trees and the freshly plowed fields and the damp sod.

I found another posting for a job in the area, so I applied for it yesterday. I have a phone interview coming up for another position. And I found out recently that, since my work hours were reduced, I can apply for unemployment (yay!). I will do that in the beginning of April, to get maximum coverage. And my mom has offered to take over paying for D's educational therapy, so he won't suffer too much from this.

Some libraries have recession websites set up, with information on Depression-era cooking and home-canning. A few: I bet there is a cottage industry just waiting to boom; maybe I should look into selling barrel-sized attire.

D is in a play that the 2nd graders are putting on -- he plays Baby Bear. He wants me at all three of his performances, so I will oblige. Spouse will be in Australia for work, so will miss it, sadly. Good thing we have a video camera.

I just took gluten-free challah out of the oven. My last purchase from the specialty gluten-free store until things improve financially.

Two Random Watchmen Thoughts

1) Has anyone ever given Dr. Manhattan an atomic wedgie?

2) A pick-up line that will never work on Dr. Manhattan: "Is that an atom neutralizer in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

And another thing: What, exactly, does Rorschach smell like?

New Bedtime Story

Our evening routine with D involves his reading a book out loud to us, and then one of us reading out loud to him. We alternate between one-shot books and lengthy books that we read a chapter at a time. Spouse and D just finished reading The Graveyard Book the other day, and have started a new book -- The Princess Bride.

Spouse is starting with Billy and his troubles at school (skipping the whole beginning with the book being given to his son for the boy's birthday). As he reads, he describes the whole "what are we going to do about Billy?" part, and I am struck at how much this sounds like D -- sports-obsessed, great imagination, reluctant reader. Hunh. Maybe D will go on to a career like William Goldman.